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Different Concepts of Mathematics


Mathematics is one of the important subjects that is introduced in elementary school. The main reason mathematics is introduced at such an early stage is that it will help students to learn about the practical implications of mathematical concepts. Parents can start with teaching the kids about numbers, how to count them, ordering them in ascending/descending order. 

After teaching the kids about these basic concepts, parents can visit BYJU’S website and download ordering number worksheets and other various worksheets free of cost. 

Ways to Teach Addition – An Important Basic Operation 

  •  Abacus Usage – Children love to learn if there are colourful things or something to play with is involved, and the abacus does the job of both. The simplest and easiest way for parents to introduce addition to kids is through the abacus. For example, you want to teach your kid how to solve the sum of (2 + 4). For that, just bring two beads in a row and add four more beads to it. So the total number of beads would be 6. You can use various single digits numbers to make the addition through the abacus clearer to your kid. 
  • With Blocks/Objects – Children learn faster and better through objects. So if, as parents, if you intend to teach your child about addition, then you can use blocks or stones or other smaller objects for the purpose. Suppose you are teaching your preschool kid how to add 5 + 4. Ask them to take 5 blocks or other objects available and add 4 more blocks to it, now; ask them to count the total number of blocks they have. Not only will the kids learn easily, but they also enjoy doing it.
  • Solving Worksheets  -’ Practise makes a man perfect is one of the true proverbs of all time. It is necessary to practise once the concepts are taught. BYJU’S offers several single digit addition worksheets that parents, as well as teachers, can easily download and give the students for practice. These worksheets will help the children to revise and implement whatever they have learned about addition. 
  • Finger Counting– another way to teach children about counting numbers is by finger counting. The ten fingers are enough to add or subtract a number of single digits. Parents and teachers can start out by giving children some basic simple numbers. They can teach how to add using fingers. For example, if you want kids to add 7 and 2 so ask them to take out seven fingers and add two more to it. So, in the end, they would get a total of nine fingers which is the addition result of 7 +2. 

These are some pretty basic ways by which parents can teach addition to kindergarten or preschoolers. Prior knowledge about addition or the other basic operations will help kids to grasp the concepts better when taught in school. The worksheets will help children to practise whatever they have learnt and prove as a way to improve their understanding. 

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