Top 5 Occasions That Need To Be Celebrated With Flowers


Flowers are an integral part of any occasion. Different varieties and species of flowers depict some meanings. The flowers are always known to have an indispensable impact on every occasion. Be it an anniversary, wedding or birthday, a bouquet or bunch of flowers is the most meaningful gift. Flowers are usually arranged and decorated for occasions and are extremely useful for decorations. Every flower symbolises a new beginning and purity. It is often said that the way flowers are presented, and the condition in what it is presented are very important. History says that if flowers are presented upside down, the idea being conveyed is just the opposite of what it traditionally meant. Also, the colour of the flower has different meanings associated with it. Like for example, violet means innocence; a red rose similarly depicts deep love and affection. We often see couples gift each other bunch of deep red roses for Valentine or anniversaries to show love and affection towards each other.

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Some flowers like freesia and lisianthus are delicate kinds among flowers, but for wedding occasions, many brides want to include freesias in their bouquet because of its fragrances and the way it represents traditional values and morals which stands perfect for new beginnings.   

So as it is said, every flower has a deep meaning associated with it, which makes it even more astonishing as it looks. So here are some occasions that need to be celebrated with flowers.


A wedding is an important day in everyone’s life as it depicts the new beginning of two souls who joined hands and promised each other to be there for each other. So flowers play a definite role in every wedding from decoration to selection of wedding bouquet for the bride. Also, it is like a ritual to carry the same coloured flower bouquets for the bridesmaid in weddings. And flowers are also widely used for ornamentation purposes these days in Indian weddings. And choosing a type of bouquet is a tricky yet exciting job to do. A good flower bouquet with some vibrant colours gives your wedding a cohesive look. Also, wedding decoration plays a crucial role in every wedding and choosing the right kind of flowers for wedding decor is somewhat tricky. So the right kind of flowers according to your preference add extra excitement to your wedding. You can even send flowers to Gurgaon now at affordable prices.


Birthdays are the occasions that are meant to celebrate with loved ones, family and friends. Birthdays are the day that is meant to be of full of surprises and excitement. Whether you are celebrating your birthday or not but a bunch of beautiful flowers as a gift can make your birthday even better. Sending someone a bouquet of beautiful flowers on their birthdays is the way you let them know their importance in your life. Especially children and young people become very happy on receiving brightly coloured vibrant flowers on occasion like birthdays. A bouquet of roses or daisies is an amazing gift if you are planning for surprising your loved ones on their birthdays. Also, if you are celebrating your birthday’s outskirts or say you are planning for a party in a villa, then a proper flower arrangement for decor is a must. Use themed flowers that best matches your personality and decorate it accordingly.

Christmas Eve 

Christmas is one of the biggest celebrations commemorating the birth of Lord Jesus. And during this time of the year, we are reminded of seasons past spent with our loved ones. Christmas flowers are the perfect selection for creating a beautiful piece of art in the holiday season. The way Christmas is celebrated with love all over the country, similarly choosing the right kind of flowers for Christmas decoration and even for gifting, is meaningful. Different types of flowers and flower arrangements are used to design and decorate flowers in different ways. So during Christmas, roses are mainly used for decor and also for gifting because it is said that Christmas roses are associated with Lord Jesus birth and the story of a young shepherdess named Madelon. Therefore Christmas roses are said to have purity and deep essence associated with it. 

Wedding Anniversary 

Celebrating wedding anniversaries is an exciting and memorable time as it symbolises commitment and another year of togetherness that you have been on as a pair. Wedding anniversaries are the important day of every couple’s life as it reminds of beautiful years spend together. With many anniversary gifts associated with wedding anniversaries, flowers are one of the most classic and astonishing gifts you can surprise your loved ones. A beautiful bunch of flowers are the best to celebrate wedding anniversaries. Also, anniversaries flowers represent love and fidelity forever, so it got deep meaning associated with them. Select the kind of flowers that best describe your bond with your partner. Choose a colour of flower that can bring a smile to your partner’s face because it is often said colour represents years of marriage.

Parent’s Day

Parent’s day is the popular time of the year, and it’s the time when families come together for celebrating and laving dinner or lunch together. For every child, parent’s day plays an important role because it is the day to show gratitude and love for your parents. For a special occasion like parents day, it is essential to gift your parents something that they cherish forever. So gifting them flowers and surprising them is the best idea. Parent’s day can be best celebrated with a beautiful bunch of flowers, and decorating the house with vibrant colours of different flowers can never go wrong on a special day. You can even gift them a bunch of flowers or gift hampers. 

Nowadays you can buy carnations online and gift your loved ones on special occasions. So, what are you waiting for? Celebrate the important days of your life with flowers that match your interest and also the receiver’s interest.

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